Bulk Billing Medical Center in South Clyde


Cranbourne medical center is a bulk-billing medical service provider that provides a variety of healthcare services to their visitors in South Clyde

Whether you’re searching for a basic health check to help figure out the best preventative actions based on your risks and family history, require routine immunizations, or need skin checkups, Cranbourne Medical Centre in South Clyde has you covered.

Know What Bulk Billing Is?

Bulk billing is when a registered provider takes the Medicare rebate as full payment for the services provided. This can be consultations, investigations, and operations. In reality, anything in the MBS schedule may be bulk billed, with limitations.

What Isn’t Included in Bulk Billing?

A bulk bill means there are no out-of-pocket expenses. You are still responsible for the consultation’s cost, but you aren’t paying for it directly. You are paying for it through your taxes, which is known as the Medicare levy. 

There Are a Few Things That Can’t Be Bulk Billed.

Medicare has numerous restrictions, but two major ones must be kept in mind by physicians:

  1. A patient (not simply a relative or parent) must be present in order for a medicare rebate to apply.
  2. The Medicare rebate must be the only charge levied in order to bulk bill a patient (with certain exceptions such as vaccinations).

Medicare does not cover extras such as bandages or vaccinations. It also does not cover cosmetic treatment. 

Bulk Billing in South Clyde

There are still a few doctors and clinics that provide bulk billing for all Medicare consultations. Cranbourne medical clinic provides excellent care and maintains an exceptional level of service for their clients. We offer a range of medical services including a pathology lab and after hours consultations. We have experienced doctors, nurses and GP who will help you in your journey towards your health goals.