Iron Infusion - Melbourne

An iron imbalance can lead to fatigue and weakness. Get your iron back to peak levels with an infusion.

Our bodies need the metal iron to produce hemoglobin in red blood cells. For some people, traditional iron supplements aren’t working or aren’t a possibility. An iron infusion treatment for Iron Deficiency Anaemia can:

  • Quickly restore your body from an iron deficiency
  • Prepare you before a major surgery or childbirth
  • Help you avoid a blood transfusion
  • Help those with renal impairment or chronic heart disease

Iron is important for muscle strength and  mental wellbeing. low iron in our body cause us to feel tired, irritable and weak.

What else should I know about iron infusions?

You need to tell your doctor if you:

  • Are experiencing any infections
  • Are planning on getting pregnant or are currently pregnant
  • Have a medical history with eczema, asthma, or allergies
  • Have had any iron injection-related reactions
  • Have a liver disorder, haemochromatosis, or if you have an iron overload history
  • Are taking medications, even if it’s herbal or over the counter

Our team, led by Dr. Niaz Reza, will walk you through the procedure as well as what to do afterward. You’ll get an iron injection script and a procedure date (this can’t be done all at once).

  • You do not need to fast for this procedure
  • You must be 18 years or older
  • There’s no need to stop taking your regular medication
  • Unless you experience reactions, you can drive home after the infusion and get back to normal
  • Have your script (if you’re given one in advance) filled in advance. You’ll want to check with your pharmacy for their supply of Ferinject.
  • Wear warm clothes and loose sleeves because you will have an IV (Intravenous line) cannula injected
  • You’re welcome to take a book, Kindle, or other electronic device to keep you busy, since you’ll need 1-2 hours for the entire treatment during your infusion.
  • Our nurses will monitor you during the procedure. They’ll check you for temperature changes, blood pressure, pulse and your breathing rate.
  • There is a risk of side effects, as with any medicine. Some of these include nausea, dizziness, and a temporary metallic taste. There is a potential for an allergic reaction or a rash. We’ll review all potential side effects with you.

How much does Iron Infusion Cost?

  •  At Cranbourne Medical Clinic, Iron infusion with a reduced out of pocket cost for the patients having Medicare cards. For the cost of the Iron injections, Please contact your pharmacy.