Varicose Veins - Melbourne

Laser-powered help for your varicose veins

Those broken capillaries and blood vessels that you may see along your legs — sometimes called varicose veins or spider veins — don’t have to linger forever! Whether you see them on your body or on your face, a medical-grade laser can be the solution.

Our experts will use a targeted laser on those blood vessels to cause coagulation. This essentially makes the vessel nonfunctional and causes the body to break it down. Yes, you can be rid of spider veins with a laster treatment that’s quick and effective. You can even have permanent results! You’ll notice the difference in about two weeks; some patients needs a few additional treatments.

What should I do to prepare for varicose veins treatment?


  • You’ll want to avoid sun exposure for the two weeks leading up to the appointment. Do not use fake tans/solariums during that time, either.
  • Do not use active skincare products (example: retinol or scrubs) for three days before your appointment.


  • Avoid being in the sun for two weeks after your treatment. This should be combined with regular sunscreen usage.
  • You can apply “laser aid” twice each day for five days