Cranbourne Practice Information

Walk-In Availability

We strongly prefer you book an appointment. We do offer walk-in availability, but this depends on our schedule. This usually requires a wait.

Post-Surgery Visits

If needed because of a condition, we do offer home visits for registered patients. We’ll need you to contact the Practice. We’ll arrange a home visit with a preferred GP. 

How to Keep Us Informed

We know that things can change from the last time we spoke! Please update us if you need to change contact information, including work or mobile numbers, as well as Medicare number and expiry, your Pension/Concession card expiry, or any emergency contact info. We need all of this to be updated so we can best serve you and notify you with results.

Zero Tolerance for Abuse

Simply stated, we do not tolerate abuse or aggression toward our staff, nurses, and doctors. Police will immediately be notified if we witness this, or if you become violent. You’ll receive a lifetime ban will also be put on anyone responsible.

Policy Surrounding Wait Times

We never want to keep you waiting, but sometimes, it’s unavoidable. A complex issue with a patient or a particular visit revealing unforeseen problems can all add to overall wait time elsewhere. Because of this, we do appreciate you book a longer appointment by ringing our clinic in the event you have several healthcare needs/a list of issues to address. If your wait time is longer than you had otherwise expected, please do tell our staff. One option may be to see the next available doctor.

Interpreter Availability

We’re pleased to live in a multicultural society. This may mean that English is not your first language. Please know this can be accommodated through a free, professional interpreter service (TIS). We’re happy to meet this need for you; if you could let us know at the time of booking that you may require an interpreter, we can set it up and get a longer appointment. We’re also happy to have bilingual doctors available (languages include Hindi and Bengali, among others).

Our Communication Preference

First, it’s important to know we cannot provide test results over the phone, regardless of your situation. You must have a doctor visit scheduled. This also applies to specialist letters. You will absolutely be contacted if we observe an abnormal test result. Can’t make your appointment? Please contact us so that a nurse or doctor can get back to you. You’ll also need an appointment booked to have a doctor provide scripts (lost or repeat), as well as referrals. We cannot send clinical information via email because of privacy and confidentiality standards.

Our Privacy Policy

Your confidentiality at Cranbourne is crucial to us, so we are careful to protect your health and personal records. We can’t, therefore, give out personal information to anyone else without your written consent (even if it’s a relative, we still need written consent). We cannot dispense info about other patients, confirm their attendance, or any related info. If you do need us to transfer your medical records, we’ll need your written consent to process this request; a small fee may apply. Access our complete privacy policies here.

Giving Us Feedback

With a patient focus at our center, feedback is always helpful. Want to tell us how we’re doing at Cranbourne Medical? You can find a place for suggestions and feedback at the reception area in a feedback box. You can also take complaints directly to our practice manager: 03 85553855.

Need further help?

Health Services Complaints Commissioner Victoria

Phone:  1300 582 113 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

Address:  26, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Need to Cancel?

Sometimes things come up and you may need to cancel a booked appointment. We understand unforeseen circumstances happen, but we do require a minimum of four hours notice. If you do not cancel in time, we do need to charge an appointment fee (50.00 AUD). We do appreciate your cooperation! Just call us directly if you need to adjust your appointment.