Nefertiti Lift

Improve the lift in your face with this popular treatment

What if you could get a non-surgical lower face lift with incredible results? That’s the power of a Nefertiti Lift. Yes, just like the historical figure Nefertiti and her famously long, elegant neck, you could have an amazing, firm appearance. While age can cause a sagging and heavy appearance around our jawline, this can prevent the downward pull of the face.

This treatment uses anti-wrinkle injections to specifically aid upper facial muscles and get an overall lift. You’ll have a more defined jawline and a smoother appearance in no time.

What else should I know about melasma?

This is a wonderful solution to reverse the signs of aging along your lower face, neck, and jaw. And with no surgery involved, you can have a quick recovery time and have results that last up to four months!

If you have any of the following concerns, a Nefertiti Lift could be perfect for you:

  • A chin/jawline with loose skin
  • Neck with folds (sometimes called “turkey neck”)
  • An uneven appearance near the jaw
  • A square, pronounced jawline
  • Issues with jowls