Cranbourne Medical Costs

GP Consultations, by and large, are bulk billed at Cranbourne. There is an out of pocket cost, however, for procedures, from skin surgery to biopsies We’ll discuss those costs as part of your consultation with your doctor.

We do also charge a private fee for any driver’s licence fitness assessment, as well as aviation medical assessment. For cosmetic procedures, you’ll enjoy free consultations, and we’ll privately bill the procedures. And work cover consultations get billed right to the insurer (unless the claim number isn’t yet made available, and then it’s a private consult billing).

Need more information on any fee? Please call our reception staff!

General Practice Consultations

Private consultations(If you don’t have medicare) Standard <20min 70.00AUD
Private consultations(If you don’t have medicare) Long >20min 105.00AUD
Newborn without Medicare 55.00AUD
Skin biopsy (generally charged as private fee of 94.40) 50.00AUD Out of pocket
Skin excision including skin cancer (charged as a private fee) 100.00AUD Out of pocket
Wound Repair by surgical stitches 50.00AUD Out of pocket
Implanon Removal 35.00AUD Out of pocket
Fitness for drivers licence (Private) 70.00AUD
Commercial Licence fitness examination (including taxi) 95.00AUD
UBER medical 70.00AUD
Aviation medical Class-1 Professional 275.00AUD
Aviation medical Class-1 Learner 250.00AUD
Aviation Medical Class-2 250.00AUD
Whooping cough Vaccine 50.00AUD
Tetanus Vaccine 15.00AUD
Chicken Pox Vaccine 60.00AUD
Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine 45.00AUD
Flu vaccine 18.00AUD
Gardasil vaccine 160.00AUD
Gardasil 9 vaccine 180.00AUD
Vivaxim Vaccine (Hepatits A and typhoid) 149.00AUD
POLIO vaccine 80.00AUD
Yellow fever vaccine 110.00AUD
Hepatitis A vaccine 70.00AUD
Hepatitis B Vaccine 35.00AUD

Psychologist Consultations

Total fee 150.00AUD
Medicare rebate (If you have Mental health care plan) 84.80AUD (Gap: 65.20AUD)

Dietitian Consultations

Initial assessment 80.00AUD
Review appointments 75.00AUD

Please note:

  • Certain individuals with chronic diseases may qualify for Medicare Enhance Primary Care (EPC). They may be able to attract Medicare rebate, so please check with your doctor if you have diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, or other chronic conditions.
  • Private health funds may make Individual consults claimable for rebate. Please verify for eligibility with your private health fund.